InSTEDD has created an evolving platform of technology tools and services based on years of collaboration with our partners around the world.


  • Our systems conform to a set of architectural principles that allow them to be used either as-is or as building blocks for larger solutions.


  • All of our tools meet or exceed the relevant standards for their domain in scale and security and allow the sharing of data with other systems in a reliable and secure way.


  • These tools are open source, and available for anyone wanting to use them to improve the social impact and scale of their work


  • All our tools can be tailored to individual needs and integrated with other existing tools.


  • We are actively engaged with our user communities to further apply and enhance our tools and increase their impact.

Want to reuse our software or work on open source code; check out our platform of tools and technical groups to engage. (See: Github & Technology Google Groups)


mBuilder is an ideal tool if you need to build flexible SMS apps and don’t want to spend lots of time building something custom from scratch.


Nuntium is a tool that allows anyone to build robust and scalable messaging applications.


Watchfire is a recruitment and management software application that uses GPS, voice, and text messages improve rapid team coordination.


Verboice lets you create and run applications via voice, thereby overcoming literacy and geographical barriers.

Resource Map

Resource Map helps people track their work, resources and results geographically in a collaborative environment accessible from anywhere.



Seentags is a service that helps extract accurate information from text reports.


GeoChat is a collaboration tool that allows anyone to chat, report, and get alerts on their phone.


Remindem helps you keep people informed of important things going on in their life and work.


Mesh4X is a set of libraries, services and applications that allow data to be synchronized across multiple applications, databases and files.


Riff is a tool that helps groups analyze and visualize multiple streams of information.


Veegilo is a simple tool that helps you contain disease outbreaks faster by collecting information about cases in a simple and unified way.


Pollit helps you collect opinions, feedback and status updates from people, wherever they roam.

Reporting Wheel

The Reporting Wheel is a non-electronic device that simplifies data reporting for the most remote workers, including those with literacy challenges.