Trey Visay: Bring Out Youth Clarity

By InSTEDD Global | Mar 28, 2019| Blog, Cambodia

When the support and good listeners are all around, teenagers are considered to be lucky and in a good shape for finding the right opportunity and the right career for them to move on, but that is not always the case for everyone.

In deed, through the talks to a number of teenager during our field validation of our iOS version of our application, we found out that they are not able to find clarity on how to move on nor what to do to transit them from high school to specific career or major. Especially, it is a big issue when the teenager is living with parents who are farmers or are not well informed about other career opportunities out there.

After the completion of the testing of the application Trey Visay, all 14 students said Trey Visay did help equip them with information about their career future even though the help is provided in different level. Among all the students, there are a few students who know what kind of career future they should consider based on their friends’ and parental advice. However, they demonstrate vague idea of why they choose it and whether it fit with them. While for the others, learning to realize what type of careers that fit with their personalities are a just-discovered-information.

In both ways, all the students recognize that the application itself assists them with providing result from the set of tests that tell them what kind of career future that are recommended based on their unique personalities and educational institution information to help build their confidence in deciding to choose their own career path with those information

An Sokuntheara, a student from Hun Sen Kampong Cham high school who was participants in application testing said, “The application is good to learn more about school and recommendation. I knew the career path that I love before, but I didn’t know where should I go for that and what I should do to strengthen and prepare myself for the path I choose.”

While San Thavid, a student from Choun Nat High School said he would choose the career through parental advice but never come to realize himself whether or not the career is matching with his personality and talent.

Through a research study conducted by Kampuchean Action for Primary Education (KAPE) title Empowering Youth in Cambodia Today, 2 out 3 students has no clear goal of what kind of career path they should go for after graduating from high school.

Trey Visay is an electronic counseling application available online and offline to provide students with career information to make them decide their own career path with confidence. Currently, Under support from Swedish Program for iCT in Developing Region (SPIDER), Trey Visay is available to download on Android. Currently, under support from USAID the program will be made available on iOS in the near future. To date, there are more than 3,000 who has downloaded and used the application on Android.


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