Go Green Mobile App

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GoGreen Cambodia is the Mobile Application that’s actively engaged Phnom Penh residents to improve the cleanliness in the city.

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June 2018-October 2019




According to the Asia Foundation, between 2009 and 2014, the amount of waste entering the city’s main dump site rose from about 800 to 1,475 tonnes per day. Using real time data, Go Green Cambodia will allow users to use Google maps to identify areas that are already clean, need more cleaning/trash, and/or areas where more collection points are necessary. The application will also allow users to work with friends to create community clean-ups and take an active role in reducing rubbish in Phnom Penh. Besides, the app is providing real life data about the situation on the streets and thus is a valuable resource of information for other related stakeholders – such as Municipalities or related Ministries. Having this data available it is easy to track the situation in the streets and have a comprehensive report.