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Human Centered Design in a World Outside of the Comfort Zone

Human Centered Design in a World Outside of the Comfort Zone

It was a different world. Under a scorching daylight, we were trudging along a gravel road, not quite knowing which direction to turn. There were no signs of neon lights, concrete or ubiquitous Lexus’ from the streetscapes of Phnom Penh. The color pallet was mostly of browns, greens and blues of the sky, instead of the usual grey. The air felt drier and cleaner.

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Teaching Youth to Code with UNESCO
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Teaching Cambodian youth to code

Teaching Cambodian youth to code

At InSTEDD iLab Southeast Asia, “building local capacity is a crucial part of everything we do.” In October 2015, in collaboration with UNESCO Cambodia, we launched YouthMobile, a program to train university students how to build mobile applications. In less than a week of open call for applications, we selected 20 out of 80 submitted applications….

Mobile Technology Innovation to Improve Public Health in Cambodia