Date: June 2014 — Present
Location: Cambodia
Technology: Verboice

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The International Finance Corporation is keen to strengthen and further improve the effectiveness of its work in the rice seed space (in addition to its weekly radio program) through the introduction of another ICT channel, which is the interactive voice response system called “Verboice”. Using InSTEDD’s platform Verboice, farmers can access information and knowledge on improved, high value fragrant rice seeds through their mobile phones.

A farmer in Battambang province listens to voice messages about improved, fragrant rice seeds during a field test ahead of the project launch

Cambodian farmers in 8 target provinces can call the Verboice number to learn about the advantage of fragrant rice seed. Free of charge and accessible 24/7, the interactive voice messages also tell farmers where they can purchase the fragrant rice seeds from rice mills or supplier stores near them as well as radio broadcast schedules of rice and farming techniques.

With the highly customizable and scalable Verboice, farmers can also leave questions for agriculture specialist NGO group, Cambodian Institute for Research and Development (CIRD), which is also a local partner of this project. CIRD will be able to respond to the questions through regular radio broadcasts sharing answers with a larger audience.

This project is also supported by The World Bank and European Union.