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Shedding Light on ICT in Cambodia High Schools

Shedding Light on ICT in Cambodia High Schools

In a concrete room sit thirty-five students in blue and white school uniforms, eyes glued to computer screens, hands gliding across tabletops moving a mouse. This is the everyday scene at the Computer Lab of New Generational School at Preah Sisowath High School. One young woman, Muon, a seventh grader, turns away from her computer screen to tell me that this is her favorite class, that she “loves the computer lab.”

Computer Programming: What Can Student Clubs Do As The Outcome?​
Trey Visay: Bring Out Youth Clarity ​

Trey Visay: Bring Out Youth Clarity ​

In deed, through the talks to a number of teenager during our field validation of our iOS version of our application, we found out that they are not able to find clarity on how to move on nor what to do to transit them from high school to specific career or major. Especially, it is a big issue when the teenager is living with parents who are farmers or are not well informed about other career opportunities out there.

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