Sokmesa Khiev

Senior Software Developer

Sokmesa joined InSTEDD iLab Southeast Asia as a Software Developer in April 2010. After earning a bachelor degree from the Royal University of Phnom Penh in Computer Science, he worked as a web developer for different institutes including a software consultant company and an NGO. He was promoted to Senior Software Developer in 2014.

At iLabSEA he worked on different projects for Cambodia, Nepal, and Laos. His primary focus was to capture user requirements and implement quality software solutions on deadline for different partners. His projects include ‘Violent Reporting System’ which was implemented in Nepal, ‘Larvae Reporting system’ which was implemented in Laos, and several others. He also contributed to projects with NCHADS to develop biometric data collecting for HIV patients, and to build a cloud printing platform. Beside working with NCHADS, Sokmesa also spent time working with WFP to help customize the iLab’s open source tool Resource Map to be used as a tool for a design questionnaire and to collect data from provincial schools.

Sokmesa has experience as a facilitator and guest speaker on the subject of human centered design. He has participated in various local and international events such as BarCamp, iCamp and EpiHack.

Sokmesa is an open-source technology enthusiast. In the past, he worked on open-source web-based applications using PHP and Codeigniter frameworks. He started working with Ruby on Rails when he joined InSTEDD.