Sokmesa Khiev

Senior Software Developer

Sokmesa_KhievSokmesa joined InSTEDD iLab Southeast Asia (iLab SEA) as a Software Developer in April 2010. After earning a bachelors degree from the Royal University of Phnom Penh in Computer Science, he began working as a web developer for ALLWEB, a leading Cambodian IT company specializing in offshore software development.

His primary focus there was to capture user requirements and implement quality software solutions on deadline for customers in France. He also worked for CCHR (Cambodian Center for Human Rights) to develop web-based applications that extend their current systems for collecting human rights violations in Cambodia.

During his first year with iLab SEA he worked closely on the development of Resource Map, a web-based system that helps people track their work, resources, and results geographically in a simple and collaborative environment that can be accessed from anywhere.

Sokmesa also has several years of experience working with open-source technologies. In the past, he worked on open-source web-based applications using PHP and Codeigniter frameworks, but started working with Ruby on Rails when he joined InSTEDD. Currently, he is a member of HackerSpace Phnom Penh and the Sharevision team.