Panhary Proeun

Panhary just recently joined InSTEDD iLab Southeast Asia as the Program Manager. With more than 3 years of experience in media, communication, and project management, she has significantly discovered her interest and passion for social impact initiatives toward national development. Her previous experience includes extensive engagement with relevant local and international NGOs and ministries to utilize the strength of their institutions to build and achieve nationwide impact projects.

Panhary graduated in 2018 with a bachelor of media management from Royal University of Cambodia. Prior to joining InSTEED, she previously worked at Smart Axiata as Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Specialist. She was in charge of overseeing the Education and Tech Innovation pillars that aim to build a sustainable future of Cambodia through technology and innovation with new developed framework and initiative. Her involvement in various education, tech, and innovation projects has equipped her with a robust set of skills to manage projects and communicate with large groups of people effectively. 

Having led these projects across a broad range of sectors following a rigorous timeline has also allowed her to get hands-on experience in planning a project, enhance her interpersonal skills, and work closely with relevant stakeholders to ensure the successful collaboration.