Eduardo Jezierski

Chief Executive Officer / Board of Directors

Chief Technology Officer Eduardo JezierskiEduardo has spent his whole career designing, implementing and deploying software solutions on a global scale. He originally received an MsC in Informatics after initial work in nuclear engineering, and later worked in Argentina in the areas of GIS analysis, machine learning and modeling for challenges in anthropology. His Master’s thesis was on robotics control, genetic algorithms and neural networks.

He spent nine years in software development at Microsoft, first supporting largest enterprise customers, then later as Program Manager and Solutions Architect. He was one of the founders of a team dedicated to building software assets (tools, practices, frameworks, services, content and information architectures) to improve quality and productivity for Microsoft’s business customers. The usage of these assets and frameworks climbed at its inception from zero to more than a million developers worldwide with adoption in excess of 80% of the target market — including financial, healthcare, military and manufacturing customers.

Ed also developed a strategy for building communities consisting of academia, software vendors, other technical partners, customers and grassroots participants by initiating a new Shared Source approach for engineering at Microsoft. A practitioner of agile software design approaches, he has built and led numerous global teams in producing rapid, mission-critical assets, and has presented on software architectures and design approaches for large distributed systems in conferences around the globe.

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