Channé Suy Lan

Managing Director

Channé Suy Lan, who hails from Kampong Cham, Cambodia, has 12 years of experience in co-designing and launching innovative initiatives to improve public health, education and social justice for communities in Southeast Asia, with her main focus being Cambodia.
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Kakada Chheang

Technical Project Manager

Kakada has spent more than ten years as a software developer. Kakada first joined InSTEDD iLab Southeast Asia in 2009 and within 4 years was promoted to Senior Software Developer. He was again promoted to technical project manager in 2017. Read More…



Sokly Heng

Senior Software Developer
Sokly Heng joins InSTEDD iLab Southeast Asia as a Software Developer in July 2017. She works alongside with our senior developers. Her first start at InSTEDD is involving in developing mobile applications using Ionic2. Sokly has experience on Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, AngularJS, Sidekiq, Redis, Android, Ionic, MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB, RSpec, Git, TDD/BDD, OO Design Read More…


Sovanpidor Ham

Communication Specialist

In early September 2017, Pidor divided her time and effort between pursuing her degree and interning at the communication section at InSTEDD iLab SEA. Three months later she joined InSTEDD as a part-time communication associate and worked until July 2019 where she finished her degree and decided to be a full-time staff. Pidor’s work on InSTEDD online communication and a side project at InSTEDD called Storytelling makes her become a Communication Specialist in early June 2020 .Read More…

Radin Reth

Software Developer

Radin joint InSTEDD iLab Southeast Asia as a Software Developer in September 2019. Radin has 7+ years of experience in software development. Prior to joint with InSTEDD iLab SEA, he had worked with tech companies and mobile operator in Cambodia. Radin is a full-stack developer. He holds a Bachelor of Science from Cambodian Mekong University. 

Chandy Mao

Product Manager

Chandy joint InSTEDD in December 2019 as a Project Coordinator and by March 2020, he was promoted to be a Product Manager. Chandy has experience in innovation project design and management, digital content creation such as photography, video production and also front-end web design. Chandy is very passionate about technology and better understanding of user experiences. 


Panharath So

Admin and Finance Manager

It has been almost 10 years that Panharath has been in the finance and accounting field. She has been delivering her professional financial services to a few organizations including Profit and Non- organizations. She has recently joined InSTEDD iLab SouthEast Asia, as an Admin and Finance Manager. She’s been informing every finance and admin work such as financial controlling, budgeting,  financial analysis, financial reporting, and ensuring all administrative work gets well done. “Finance and Accounting are my favorite things and I’m happy to see them grow up in organizations I worked for”, says Panharath. 

Panhary Proeun

Program Manager

Panhary just recently joined InSTEDD iLab Southeast Asia as the Program Manager. With more than 3 years of experience in media, communication, and project management, she has significantly discovered her interest and passion for social impact initiatives toward national development. Her previous experience includes extensive engagement with relevant local and international NGOs and ministries to utilize the strength of their institutions to build and achieve nationwide impact projects. Read more…

Executive Team

Wendy L. Schultz-Henry

President & Chief Executive Officer

Wendy L. Schultz-HenryWendy joined InSTEDD in the Fall of 2006. Over the course of her time with InSTEDD she has worn several hats as the needs of the organization have grown. Along with her current role as CEO, she manages the international regulatory requirements for our overseas operations and also serves as West Coast Liaison for Crisis Response. She is Secretary and Treasurer to the Board of Directors. Wendy brings to InSTEDD over 25 years of experience in finance and operations with expertise in audit preparation and process, cash management, budget development and quality assessment.Read More…

Our Alumni

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