InSTEDD, in partnership

with Google.org, launched

its first innovation lab, or ‘iLab’

in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

in 2008.

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About the iLab Southeast Asia

Screenshot from iLab Animated Intro

Watch our 90-second animated introduction about the creation of the InSTEDD iLab in Southeast Asia.

Capacity Building at the iLab

Screenshot from iLab Capacity Building

The team in Phnom Penh is adding new skills and sharpening its design approach with advising from the Bridgespan Group.

Work at the iLab Phnom Penh

iLab interns
Call for Global Ambassadors and Summer Interns
Join the InSTEDD team in one of our time flexible, part-time openings.

Recent Work

The InSTEDD iLab’s current focus areas include Design Events and Prototyping, Mobile Tools and Platforms, Information System Architecture and Connectivity Solutions for Diagnostics Read more »

Digital Innovation to Slow Outbreaks in Cambodia

The CDC in Cambodia is responsible for national reporting of disease spread and alerting necessary authorities in case of outbreaks. InSTEDD empowering a transition from paper-based reporting to early detection with open source mobile tools and platforms.

Connecting Rural Youth to Employment Information

This iCamp event, implemented under the project supported by SPIDER, focused on serving the rural community that is often uninformed on employment opportunities and requirements. Continue»

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News and Media

How ICTs Help WFP Increase Food Security in DRC
Mobile surveys in Congo and Somalia are helping the World Food Programme serve refugee populations.

National Disease Reporting Hotline Starts to Flourish in Cambodia
An update on our work in Cambodia setting up a free to the pubic hotline for information and reporting on disease outbreaks.

For Big Impact, You Need These Unlikely Business Allies
Established corporations benefiting from strategic relationships with social impact nonprofits, making unlikely allies in social impact.

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